These days, a increasing demand of high strength steel tube has been seen. The principal characteristics of tube and pipe in high strength steel, with respect to traditional steel grades, are elevated yield value and good toughness. With these properties, high strength steel tube can be used in a variety of tough applications.

To catch up the industrial trending, Sichuan Rongchang Steel Pipe Company was planning to add a new high-precision tube mill line to produce φ130 pipe in high strength steel. After a comparison study conducted to a number of tube mill manufacturers in China, they selected SRET Equipment for help with supplying the entire entry sections and flying cutoff machine. Some of key specifications of the new line to be expected are: high strength carbon steel with 3 – 7mm thickness and 180 – 420mm width, material coil of max. 8 tons and max. 2200mm OD, mill speed of 20 – 45m/min, pipe cut length of 4 – 12m, etc,.

The entire mill entry section SRET Equipment provided is composed of uncoiler, flattener, shear & end welder, and horizontal spiral accumulator. The type of flying cutoff machine offered by SRET Equipment is milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw. The commissioning was completed and the new tube mill line was put into operation on Dec, 2016, as scheduled.

Customer values delivered thru SRET Equipment machines include:

  • High automation level and low manpower required, one-man operation for entire mill entry section
  • Eliminate the requirements for end facing process for a big cost saving, with burr-free cutting achieved by milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw
  • High product quality that bring high competitiveness to the customer
  • Designed with compatibility preserved for future upgrading and production technology development
  • High throughput in producing high strength steel tube
  • Easy operation and maintenance