Barnes Tubing Industries (Pty) Ltd is one of the best recognized manufacturers in South Africa, of tube and pipe. The company was established in the year 1999, located in Johannesburg of South Africa, falling under the umbrella of Barnes Group. From its humble beginnings, Barnes Tubing Industries has now risen to be considered as one of South Africa’s top tube and pipe manufacturers.

In 2012, SRET Equipment has help Barnes Tubing Industries build up a new Ø 273 tube mill line by supplying the whole entry line section plus milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw. After the new Ø 273 line put in operation, Barnes Tubing Industries is able to offer one of the largest ranges of tube and pipe in its country. This year, the customer choose SRET Equipment again to upgrade its existing Ø 114 tube mill line on its strip storage machine and flying cut off machine. With this upgrading, the customer’s goal is to improved tube cutting edge with no burr, wider range of material to be handled, and high mill speed.

In order to meet these goals, SRET Equipment provided 114 horizontal spiral accumulator capable of handling the material of 0.9 – 3.9 mm thickness and 77 – 360 mm width, as well as 114 cold saw flying cutoff that ensure a burr-free cutting edge. The commissioning and production line start up was completed in March, 2016.

Some of customer values delivered by SRET Equipment are:

  • Burr-free cutting without need for end facing process
  • Increased strip storage capacity
  • Prolong the service life of forming machines and rollers
  • Reduction of operation cost
  • Improvement on product surface quality