Located in Cangzhou city in Hebei province, Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Company Ltd. is one of largest ERW pipe and tube manufacturers in Northern China. Its tube products are sold across the world, from Southeast Asia, Middle East, to Europe and beyond, in a variety of applications like oil and gas, water, and power industry. The company has earned a good reputation in both domestic and international markets.

To improve its productivity and cut the operation cost for a better market competitiveness, the company wants to retrofit its aging production line of Ø 273mm. Their goal for retrofitting this existing line is to be able to work at mill speed of 15 – 30 m/min, to process the strip of 4 – 14mm thickness and 650 – 900mm width, to handle the material coil of Max. 2000mm OD and 15 tons, and cut the pipe at length of 5.8 – 18m. Once again, Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe came to SRET Equipment for help with designing and manufacturing the tube mill machines to retrofit.

SRET Equipment provided a entire entry line section consisting of uncoiler, flattener, shear & end welder, and horizontal spiral accumulator, plus a milling type orbital flying cut off cold saw. The machines were shipped to the customer in April, 2016, and a smooth commissioning was completed within less than 20 days, meeting all the customer’s expectation.

Customer values delivered thru retrofit to the customer include:

  • Increased automation level and reduced manpower required, number of operators needed for entry line down to 1 from previous 4
  • Eliminate the requirements for end facing process for a big cost saving, with burr-free cutting achieved by milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw
  • Short lead time and commissioning time ensure a minimum financial impact of existing line stoppage
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Able to produce the tube and pipe with high grade and high hardness
  • Increased productivity