SRET Supplied Machinery for a 400mm Square Line in Tianjing Youfa
/ Tianjing, China, 2016 April

Located in Tianjing, a China’s tube and pipe manufacturing base, Tianjing Youfa Steel Pipe Group was founded in 2000. Since then the company has achieved a stunning fast growth. In 2015 it became the first manufacturer in China whose annual production volume of tube and pipe reaches 10 million tons. For the past 10 consecutive years, Tianjing Youfa Steel Pipe Group has remained the No. 1 manufacturer in China in term of annual output. Its products are sold over 100 countries, meeting various standards like API5L/5CT、ASTM A53/A500、ASTM A795.

In recent years, Tianjing Youfa Steel Pipe Group has observed a great growth opportunity in the market worldwide for large sized square or rectangular tube. They believe that enhancing their capabilities of large square tube manufacturing would definitely be one of their growth strategies for future. After many rounds of consultation conducted with SRET Equipment, a sound decision was made that the company will add a new line to produce 400mm square tube, with adopting SRET Equipment machinery to some of its key sections.

SRET Equipment designed and delivered the complete entry line sections, and a milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw that realizes a burr-free cutting with high precision. The entry line machinery including uncoiler, flattener, shear & end welder, and horizontal spiral accumulator, is able to process various grades of material with 4 – 16mm thickness, 720 – 1600mm width, Max. 2200mm coil OD, and Max. 30t coil weight. The mill speed required by customer is 25 m/min. This new line commissioning and start up by SRET Equipment technician was completed as scheduled in April, 2016.

Customer values delivered thru SRET Equipment machines include:

  • Highly automated production line and low manpower required, one-man operation for entire mill entry section
  • Eliminate the requirements for end facing process for a big cost saving, with burr-free cutting achieved by milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw
  • High product quality that bring high competitiveness to the customer
  • Designed with compatibility preserved for future upgrading and development
  • High throughput
  • Easy operation and maintenance
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SRET Helped Barnes Tubing Industries with Upgrading Ø114 Tube Mill
/ South Africa, 2016 March

Barnes Tubing Industries (Pty) Ltd is one of the best recognized manufacturers in South Africa, of tube and pipe. The company was established in the year 1999, located in Johannesburg of South Africa, falling under the umbrella of Barnes Group. From its humble beginnings, Barnes Tubing Industries has now risen to be considered as one of South Africa’s top tube and pipe manufacturers.

In 2012, SRET Equipment has help Barnes Tubing Industries build up a new Ø 273 tube mill line by supplying the whole entry line section plus milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw. After the new Ø 273 line put in operation, Barnes Tubing Industries is able to offer one of the largest ranges of tube and pipe in its country. This year, the customer choose SRET Equipment again to upgrade its existing Ø 114 tube mill line on its strip storage machine and flying cut off machine. With this upgrading, the customer’s goal is to improved tube cutting edge with no burr, wider range of material to be handled, and high mill speed.

In order to meet these goals, SRET Equipment provided 114 horizontal spiral accumulator capable of handling the material of 0.9 – 3.9 mm thickness and 77 – 360 mm width, as well as 114 cold saw flying cutoff that ensure a burr-free cutting edge. The commissioning and production line start up was completed in March, 2016.

Some of customer values delivered by SRET Equipment are:

  • Burr-free cutting without need for end facing process
  • Increased strip storage capacity
  • Prolong the service life of forming machines and rollers
  • Reduction of operation cost
  • Improvement on product surface quality
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SRET Completed the Commissioning of Ø168 Tube Mill for Borusan Mannesmann
/ Turkey, 2015 September

Headquartered in Istanbul of Turkey, Borusan Mannesmann has started its business in 1958 as the first enterprise of Turkey’s leading industrial power. Today, with its 5 production plants in 3 continents, Borusan Mannesmann is among Europe and the world’s leading producers in steel pipe industry, while exporting products to various countries in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In 2012, SRET Equipment has helped Borusan Mannesmann with retrofitting its 340 ERW tube mill by replacing entry line section. This time, the customer want to retrofit its 168 ERW tube mill line for productivity improvement. Once again, SRET Equipment is honored by the customer for help on this retrofitting project. Some of key production specifications to be expected by customer thru retrofitting are: mill speed up to 60 m/min, capability of handling the strip with 1.9 – 10 mm thickness and 300 – 550 mm width, pipe cut length of 5 – 12.8 m with tolerance of ±3mm, etc,.

The solution that SRET Equipment delivered is composed of: Uncoiler, Flattenner, Shear & End Welder, Horizontal Spiral Accumulator, and Friction Saw Flying Cut off. The commissioning and production line start up was completed by SRET Equipment in Sep, 2015.

Customer values delivered by SRET Equipment solutions include:

  • Increased production efficiency on existing line
  • Minimized downtime
  • Easy operation and maintenance for decreased cost
  • Improved throughput
  • Capable of producing products of high grade and high hardness
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SRET Completed the Commissioning of Ø219 Tube Mill Retrofit for Hengshui Jinghua
/ Hengshui, China, 2015 February

Hengshui Jinghua Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is one of the biggest tube and pipe manufacturer in China with employees of 1800. It has 15 ERW production lines with annual output of 1.6 millions of tons of ERW steel pipes ranging from 21.3 to 325 mm diameter. Its tube and pipe are sold thru over 60 countries for some rough applications like oil & gas, chemical and power industry. The company is honored to be the first-class supplier for China National Petroleum Group and PetroChina Group.

Hengshui Jinghua Steel Pipe has been long-term customer with SRET Equipment for decades. The company has many sets of machines made by SRET Equipment applied to its several lines in its daily operation. SRET Equipment machines’ performance and extensive customer service earn a complete customer satisfaction and trust. In 2015, HengShui Jinghua Steel Pipe came to SRET Equipment again for help upgrade its existing 219 ERW tube mill line. By upgrading, the customer wants to increase its mill speed, to improve the pipe cutting edge for eliminating end facing process, and to be able to process thicker material as well.

SRET Equipment provide the solution consisting of entire entry line section including uncoiler, leveling machine, shear & end welder, horizontal spiral accumulator, and plus milling type orbital flying cut off cold saw, that not just meet, but exceed the customer’s expectations. One big challenge facing SRET Equipment is that the customer requested the shortest lead time possible and allowed for just one month of time window to complete the installations and commissioning for all the machines, to minimize the impact of existing line stoppage. It turned out that it took SRET Equipment only 3 month to deliver all these machines and had the installation and commissioning completed within less than one month. The job was done in Feb, 2015.

Customer values delivered by SRET Equipment include:

  • Process a broader range of material, thickness up to 12 mm from previous 8 mm
  • Higher productivity, mill speed increased to 40 m/min
  • Increased automation level and reduced manpower required, number of operators needed for entry line down to 1 from previous 4
  • Eliminate the requirements for end facing process for a big cost saving, with burr-free cutting achieved by milling type orbital flying cutoff cold saw
  • Short lead time and commissioning time ensure a minimum financial impact of existing line stoppage
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