HF Welding

Today, high frequency (HF) welding technology has been widely applied in tube mill making line for tube welding process. SRET Equipment provides HF induction welders that ensures a good weld integrity for the end product to survive and meet quality standards in its final application or fabrication requirements.

The working principles behind HF induction welding is not that complicated. An induction coil connected to high frequency power supply encompasses the formed tube profile, to induce a high frequency current in the pipe profile. Leveraging the skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency current, the induced electricity is concentrated onto the bonding surface of the tube profile fringe. The resistance of metal itself heats up the profile fringe quickly up to welding temperature. The heated fringe are pressed together and welded by squeezing rolls. The high frequency welder offered by SRET Equipment is armed with a complete automation control system. With advance PC processing technology, the machine enable a smooth adjustment in stepless mode, of output power in a wide range, as well as stabilizing the voltage of main circuit by closed loop feedback control. The current overload is monitored constantly with PC to ensure a reliable protection.

SRET Equipment provides compelling HF welding solutions for tube and pipe producers to stay at the forefront of industrial competition.

Value Highlights

  • Weld integrity to meet high application standardse
  • Modularized design enabling compact structure, easy maintenance, and high power utilization
  • Reduce coil changeover time to minimum
  • Equipment safety guaranteed by over-current protection technology
  • Improved welding efficiency and reduced technical adjustment time
  • Applicable to a variety of types of material produced on tube milln
  • Maximum throughput and minimum scrap achieved by offering high uptime and high consistent quality