Tube Packaging Line

Once the steel tubes are manufactured, they need to be taken and stored away. SRET tube packaging machines answer these needs.

Thanks to our long and proven experience in the tube & pipe production and finishing industry, SRET Equipment offers a full range of packaging machines for square, rectangular, hexagonal bundles. Our packaging line provide high production speed, full automation of production process, high product quality, and optimum safety standards for the operators involved.

Upon customer’s choice, SRET tube packaging line can be designed to be stand-alone (off line) or on-line, fully automatic or semi-automatic. The packaging line can include bundle formation unit (counting, aligning, strapping), bundle transfer unit, conveyor, weighing, labeling, and final storage area.

SRET tube packaging line provides maximum efficiency, meaning reduced total cost of ownership and high productivity.

Value Highlights

  • Programming, sequencing, and positioning control
  • Low cost of operation with full automation
  • Real time operation and monitoring in production process, self diagnosis and trouble shooting
  • Switch between auto and manual mode, round and square tube
  • Highly reliable, robust design
  • Highly flexible, tailored to the customer’s requests
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Technical Data Sheet

Model Categories

Model No. Tube Shape Tube Size (mm)
TPL32 Round, Square, Rectangular Ø 12 – 32

10 – 25

TPL127 Round, Square, Rectangular Ø 42 – 127

35 – 100

TPL219 Round, Square, Rectangular Ø 114 – 219

60 – 200

TPLF50 Square, Rectangular 12 – 50
TPLF120 Square, Rectangular 60 – 120
TPLF200 Square, Rectangular 100 – 200
TPLF300 Square, Rectangular 150 – 300

Feature Options

Feature Options
Automation Full automation Semi-automaton (Automatic stacking & manual strapping)
Pack Weight < 1 t 1 – 2 t > 2 t
Capturing Mode Flip Flat push Rotary
Pack Discharge Mode Longitudinal Transverse
Line Speed ≤ 70m/min, (11 tube/min.) ≤ 120m/min, (20 tube/min.) ≤ 300m/min, (50 tube/min.)
Stacking Mode Fork lift Electromagnetic sucker
Auxiliaries (Multiple) Draining Weighing Buffer stock