End Facing Machine

SRET Equipment provides a line of tube end finishing machine for facing, deburring and beveling for a wide range of seamless and welded tube mill.

Our high production end facing machines are designed for easy setup and operation. Heavy duty construction and quality components are utilized to provide our customers with years of dependable service. Our fast and economical tube end facing machines can be designed to simultaneously finish both ends of tube or pipe. The same operation chamfers both inside and outside diameters, leaving a smooth, lathe-cut like finish.

With a focus on both flexibility and design excellence, SRET Equipment provides custom-made end facing machines for each customer’s requirements, to accommodate varying lengths, thickness and diameter ranges with various models available.

SRET Equipment end facing machine in combination with our well proved flying cutoff gives customers the edge in today’s tube and pipe making competition.

Value Highlights

  • Short tool changeover time
  • Low cost of operation with full automation
  • Superior machine stability by advanced design to reduce tool chatter and vibration, thus improving surface finish
  • Heavy duty design ensures long life and low maintenance even in arduous mill environment
  • Tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • High output with short work cycle time