Hydrostatic Tester

Hydrostatic testing is the most common method employed for testing pipe for strength and leaks. It works by completely filling the pipe with liquid, until a specific pressure is reached. The hydro test pressure often exceeds the designed working pressure of the pipe, depending on the exact regulations and code requirements, as applicable. The pressure is then held for a specific amount of time to inspect for leaks. Using hydrostatic testing helps maintain safety standards and durability of a tube or pipe over time.

While the principles behind hydrostatic testing remain consistent, SRET Equipment strives to be innovative and to develop custom-made solutions to meet customer’s unique requirements, that can handle a wide variety of applications based on end conditions, O.D variations, pipe length variation, and pressure requirements. Our hydrostatic testing machines can be designed to operate in various modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual. It is customer’s option to choose that all pipe length, grade and working pressure setting are accomplished at the operator control station, without physical adjustments required.

SRET Equipment hydrostatic tester can achieve a great stability in the testing pressure system. In addition, the test-held time can be easily adjusted to suit specific standards to which the pipe is being tested, all with continuous and accurate pressure control throughout the test period.

Value Highlights

  • Custom-made testers to accommodate customer’s various requirements, including API production
  • Quick tooling changeover
  • High throughput, single and multi-head, high speed machines for in-line mill application
  • Can be designed as fully automatic testing
  • Fast and accurate test pressure-built time
  • Enhanced safety