Tube straightening machine is mainly designed to straighten the metal tube and pipe through a series of straightening rolls mounted inside of the machine. It improves the straightness of materials by the extruding force of straightening rolls.

Knowing the amount of stress and wear that straightening rolls have to endure, SRET Equipment designs a range of straightening equipment built in various methods of roll driving, where all the rolls revolve at the same speed. Also a electronic load sharing system is applied to ensure that the power needed for straightening is spread equally between the driving motors.

Our straightening machine is precisely engineered with the aid of modern tools, advanced technology, and quality-tested raw materials. These custom-built machines to suit individual requirements for a variety of size and material composition, can deliver compelling solutions to make your tube and pipe finishing equipment line the most efficient.

Value Highlights

  • Minimized setup time
  • Allow thin walled tube to be straightened without surface blemishes
  • High straightening speed
  • Safety features
  • Various configuration to suit customer needs
  • Long lasting service life of rolls
  • Heavy-duty style machines provides enhanced rigidity, with consistent straightness and roundness